Histroy of QuickTest Professional.

Mercury to HP…Histroy of QuickTest Professional

It might surprise you!

I hope it would be interesting to know the history of
the tool you work with.

Most of the QTP lovers may think that QTP is a new name given to Mercury’s functional testing tool  i.e. WinRunner,
but it might be surprising fact that these were two different tools.

Mercury (formerly Mercury Interactive Corporation) was one of the renowned companies in late
1990’s  and used to offer software for application management, application
delivery/change/configuration management, service-oriented architecture, change request and quality assurance.

From 2000 until its HP acquisition in 2006, Mercury had the ownership of six other companies Freshwater Software, Appilog, SystinetKintana Inc., Conduct Software Technologies Inc. and Performant Inc.

On 25th Jul 2006, Hewlett-Packard announced that it may pay approximately $4.5 billion to acquire Mercury Interactive and on 7th Nov 2006, Mercury
Interactive formally became part of HP.

Talking about the WinRunner tool, ever since the existence of the tool in the market it was leading the market, but as it is always said “need is a mother of inventions”. There were some loose ends in the
tool which lead Mercury to reinvent the wheels. The biggest disappointment with WinRunner was that a tester must learn a new language i.e. TSL (Test Script Language) to work with the tool. As WinRunner already had good hold of the market, Mercury kept a very similar UI design, features and method of
implementation for both the tools, which also gave a comfort level to those who were migrating from WinRunner to QuickTest.

QuickTest was developed in chunks and teen integrated. Astra was the tool which was only working for Web applications used through a browser and “QuickTest for SAP/R3” was only for SAP apps. The Idea of having a

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