IE Launched using Systemutil

Internet Explorer – Play Around…IE Launched using Systemutil

How Do I deal with this now!

 One strange question someone asked me is about handling IE operations using VBScript , the question was about navigating to a different URL in IE if it was launched using Systemutil and we don’t want to use QTP’s feature for recognising the window? Although it sounds a little weird that why would someone launch IE using Systemutil  if further actions  like going forward, going backward or retrieving information about addressbar are required to be performed on IE after  its launch or even if it’s been done so, why wouldn’t we use QTP for operating some action on it. But I believe that every question gives you a space to thing differently or something that you would have never thought otherwise.

 Let us first discuss the  way to launch IE in case you need to perform functions like navigating to several URL, going forward, going backward or retrieving information about addressbar.The easiest way to do such things is

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