FREE UP MY SPACE – PC Cleaner for testers and Developers

Aha! something new has been published on Technodivine .com: FREE UP MY SPACE – PC Cleaner for testers and Developers

Are you frustrated with low PC space and wondering where the space has gone? Many a time a tester or a developer experiences this situation, wherein their workstation or a test environment runs out of space, especially when people share a common machine or VM (Virtual Machine) with multiple login IDs.
With evolution of software testing tools and existence of Visual studio as a great tool to develop, debug and test the software this issue has even gone worst. This tool is specially takes care of those tester/developers who are working with Visual studio (Coded UI). As Visual studio not only eats up the space in temporary directory although it has several other places to keep temp data for debug and error logs which eats up GB of your hard disk.
Just one click would remove all such files from your PC.

Have this tool install and execute as and when needed.

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